SH Males


Mayhem is out of 2T Maya and 2T Smokin. He is from a litter we had and kept back. His breeding is exceptional. Mayhem is only 9 months old, but is already displaying a ton of instinct. He is currently in training, and is doing amazing. He listens exceptionally well, and is always trying his...


We raised Match from a puppy. We drove all the way to Texas to pick him up, and when we first put him in the car he looked up, and as sassy as could be barked at us. He was letting us know how it was going to be, and that He was "it" . He still acts like a Silly puppy at times and can be an...


Obi is a wonderful young dog, That is high drive and loves to work. He is an intense dog, who always has his mind on the job at hand. We are proud to call him a SH border collie.