SH Females


Sissy is a wonderful dog, also from the same trainer in Oklahoma tha Josie is from. She is a wonderful cattle and sheep dog who loves her job. She is Very sweet, personable and willing to please.


Josie is one of our girls from Oklahoma. She is from my personal favorite trainer and came to us already trained to work goats, sheep and cattle. She has a ton of heart and is the sweetest girl. She LOVES to please. All of her puppies are always very smart, and have a ton of instinct. Their...


If your looking for a dog to do agility, flyball or herding with and be extreemly competivtive with I suggest a puppy out of Voodoo. Voodoo is our quickest, most intense  dog. Her puppies will be the same way, if your wanting to compete and to win big time her puppies are the ones for you....


Maya has been my number one girl for the last six years. She is an amazing athlete, with a ton of personality! She loves to work, and loves to play. She wil be the dog when you pull into our drive way who drops her ball and your feet and gives you that look that says "you better through it or...


Maylee is a traditional black and white that we have raised from a puppy. She is the sweetest girl! and loves to please. She passes her wonderful sweet personality onto her puppies.