About Us

We live in The heatland of America and have been blessed with a beautiful farm and wonderful dogs, who are not only our pets but part of our family. Our dogs do not live their lives in Kennles but out on our farm, with us side by side every day. We raise a few ABCA registured litters a year and offer them for your consideration. They will be socilized and farm raised. We insure they get off to the best possible start by breeding quality intelligent dogs, all of which we have carefully selected for their personality traites and breeding. We stand behind any puppy we sell, and make sure they get a home that is best suited to them.

History of Sixteen Hands Border Collies

I fell in love with my first border collie at the age of 15. She was a small red puppy, who at the time I did not know that she was going to change my life forever. I remember watching the movie "babe" when I was little and thinking, "Wow....fly and Rex have to be the prettiest smartest dogs in the whole wide world" and I was not far off. After I brought my little pup home she soon showed me how wonderful border collie ownership could be. She grew into a beautiful young dog who I adored. She was intelligent, energetic, and a little on the crazy side. After I owned her a few years the breeder I had bought her from offered to breed her to one of her males, and then came my first border collie litter. Six perfect little angles. I kept a beautiful blue merle girl for myself, but tragicly at almost a year old I ended up loosing her that winter. She fell through the ice in our pond. We tried to save her, but we were too late. I was devistated, tramatized and heart broken. it would be another year before a new border collie came into my life, but after that I was already hooked on the breed. They were so intelligent, so trainable. They are amazing dogs and I could never see myself loving another breed like I do my borders.

We now have been breeding border collies for Six years and in that time we have made a name for ourselves. We have SH dogs all over the united states as well as in other counties. People flock from all over to see our beautiful, intelligent well behaved and well trained dogs. To own a border collie from Sixteen Hands border collies is to be garanteed not only a wonderful dog, but also a best friend for life.